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Millipoo is destined to be considered the leading fungal boosting soil amendment!

This fungal dominant product works to improve the health of your plants by building a resilient soil system through the hard work of two specific species of millipedes -Trigoniulus corallinus, (Florida Rusty) and Anadenobolus monilicornis, (Jamaican Bumblebee). These millipede species are from Indo-Malayan tropical climates and have migrated through the Caribbean to the southern tip of Florida where they have become naturalized to the only subtropical region in the United States.

As macro-arthropods, millipedes are detritivores that eat broken down plant and tree matter on the surface of the tropical forest floor. In most forest systems, arthropods, (the whole group), are responsible for up to 80% of the breakdown of plant material on the forest floor. They do not target specifically the bacteria and fungi, (as do their cousins the Micro-arthropods), but rather consume bacteria and fungus by eating the detritus inoculated with them. Often times the millipedes are found above ground, devouring fungi fruiting bodies, (mushrooms), starting on the soft undersides of the mushrooms where the spores are released and then crawling back underground where they release them closer to the rhizosphere – resulting in better conditions for better germination.

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MILLIPOO™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed compost soil amendment featuring super-high fungal counts.